1. Where can I get access to "IP Media Group" service?
Kiev, 9 Leontovicha St., block 3, tight area "Comstar" (1st floor);
Kiev, 9 Leontovicha St., block 3, tight area "VEGA" (2nd floor, " colocation of providers ");
Kiev, 50 Haidara St., tight area (telehouse) NewTelco;
Odessa,. 27/29 Tiraspolskaia St., tight area OD-IX (1st floor);
Krivoi Roh, 5th Hornyatsky, 6-A, tight area of "Vega";
Khmelnitskii, 36 Teatralnaia St., tight area, LLC "ITT";

2. What is an IP Multicast?
IP Multicast - a technology of bandwidth conservation, which gives the opportunity to reduce the traffic volume by simultaneous delivering the same flow of information to thousands of business and residential recipients while multicasting.

3. What is IP Unicast?
IP Unicast - uni-directional (one-way) data transmission, which means packets’ transmission to one recipient. This scheme of packet data routing is direct opposition to broadcast routing scheme.

4. What is an IP Broadcast?
IP Broadcast - method of data transmission in computer and social networks, in which the data flow (each transmitted packet in case of packet transmission) is designed to be received by all the members of the network

5. What is the HORECA?
HORECA- term for hospitality industry (catering and hotel industry). Title «HoReCa» (acronym) is derived from the first two letters of the words Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe / Catering (hotel-restaurant- cafe / catering).

6. What is a CDN?
CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network) - Delivery Network (and distribution) of content. Geographically distributed network infrastructure, which gives the opportunity to optimize the delivery and distribution of content to users in Internet. Using CDN helps users to increase the speed of downloading audio, video, software, games and other types of digital content in the points of presence CDN network.

7. What is a NOC?
NOC (Network Operation Center) – center of operation of the network. Complex of network and application services for providing the network full-time job. Monitoring and network management, solving operational problems, users’ support, etc.

8. What is IGMP?
IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol - a protocol of management the group (multicast) data transmission networks, based on the protocol IP. IGMP is used by routers and IP-nodes for organizing the network devices in groups.

9. What is the "interconnect"?
"Interconnect" – networking between operators / providers / networks. Obligatory condition is the construction of the so-called physical "joint" between the equipment of such two networks.

10. What is a head-end?
Head-end - a set of hardware and devices installed at the entrance of the main distribution network, providing conversion, amplification and generation of television and radio broadcasting signals, as well as the processing other telecommunication signals for subsequent retransmission by cable network.

11. What is piracy in TV?
Piracy- unauthorized programs’ reception, production and distribution of illegal decoders and / or subscriber cards and other activities related to copyright infringement.



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