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IPTV service is given using IP Multicast/IP Unicast technology based on our own network of signal delivery, CDN, built on the Cisco Systems IP core network of "IP Media Group" is built on the base of Cisco 3750-X equipment, taking into account the dual reservation/backing. 

LLC "IP Media Group" guarantees IPTV service of high quality in Kiev and regions. IP core network equipment of "IP Media Group" company is located in the two largest exchange points of Ukrainian and outside traffic: 9 Leontovicha st., building 3 (tight area "Comstar" and tight area of "VEGA") and 50 Haidara st., (tight area of NewTelco). Also the company's equipment is located in the local traffic exchange points, or maximum concentration of operators in cities: Odessa, Khmelnitsky. The network is constantly evolving together with the expansion of the geography of points of company’s presence in Ukraine.

Major benefits for IP networks, providers and operators:
- legalization and legal support of TV content;
- A large package of TV channels from a single source;
- Minimization of documents circulation;
- No need for the construction of the antenna field and main station for receiving the satellite signal - ready IP Multicast/IP Unicast stream can be almost immediately retransmited to your network;
- Individual approach to pricing;
- Signal aggregation of ukrainian and foreign TV channels;
- The ability to get the access to IPTV service locally in your region;
- Highly skilled technical support.

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