Ukrainian TV

In the Ukrainian TV package are available the following channels:




Quiz TV is a family television channel that broadcasts programs of the Ukrainian KVN League, “What?  Where?  When?” and “Brain Ring ”.


 NikiJunior 1


Niki Junior is the new Ukrainian child's TV channel with the age-related audience 0-5. Our aim is not only to entertain, but simultaneously and to teach a little audience. The bright cognitive world of making of animated cartoon will expose in the children of cамое the best, will inoculate love to itself and to wider public, love to nature and science etc. All content of the TV channel will be broadcast in Ukraine for the first time.


 NikiKids 1


Niki Kids is the new Ukrainian child's TV channel with the age-related audience 5+. All content of the TV channel is carefully selected by specialists, taking into account the wish of audience, will be translated in Ukraine first and called all-round to develop a child. Bright graphic arts, new interesting heroes that children will fall in love necessarily, unforgettable adventures, prompts, how to go out from difficult situations - on Niki Kids children will find everything, that needs them.


 HDFashion new2017


HD Fashion - includes the programs about news from the world of fashion and lifestyle, rating, authorial heading, project on the set theme, photo-reports from fashionable and society events, interview with celebrities, publication and editorial materials with a native advertisement.




International television channel for the whole family.  On the channel, there are documentary films of our own production, films and programs for children.




"Slow television" - offers a completely new way of perceiving media content, encourages the development of contemplation and observation, in turn, very beneficial effect on our nervous system, giving us the opportunity to relax.




Addressed to the diaspora of Ukrainians abroad.  Always objective and competent information.




It is an information and analytical channel.  Information about politics, agriculture, live broadcast of important events.




Information and analytical content programs.  Interviews live with key people, direct inclusion from the scene.




Information broadcasting hromadske is based on the basic principles of objective and balanced journalism.




24 hours of broadcasting throughout the country.  Informational, accessible, up-to-date.  And only the truth.




Horizont - the programs of the TV channel "Horizon" give maximally exhaustive information about problems that worry society - global warming and changes of climate. However the TV channel performs not only the informing and cognitive-analytical but also entertaining duty. Similarly aim of the TV channel to conduct educator and elucidative activity.




ID Fashion - it’s worldwide TV teleportation. This channel shows the latest trends in fashion and beauty world. Only here you can see upmarket shows, boho parties, exclusive interwiev with fashion makers, backstage life and the secrets of worldwide brands success in non-stop mode. To colleborate with fashion houses we show you only original content. ID Fashion team is accredited on the main world shows and backstages.




Televsesvit is a nationwide, entertainment and educational channel for all segments of the population. This channel opens the world to Ukraine and Ukraine to the world.




RAI TV has 24 years’ broadcasting experience in the information space of Carpathians Region of Ukraine. Interesting programs, latest news, exciting movies, musical greetings and cartoons for kids is on RAI air.




TV channel "ЕТНО CHANNEL HD" - cognize the values of folk art with first Ukrainian ЕТНО by CHANNEL. Fairy-tales, legends, fables, popular beliefs, customs and traditions #of Our country. Етно music and horoscope of folk wisdom.


 Nadezhda Logo


"Nadiya" is the TV channel of the twenty-four-hour satellite broadcasting, created for those, who today wishes to see anymore, to know deeper, developing is better.


 Most Video 1


MostVideo.TV - international ultra-modern HD- channel with active vital position. In ether of the TV channel plenty of unique events of sport life, whatever of you will see anymore nowhere, except MostVideo.TV.


 EUmusic 140x56


EU MUSIC - a version of EU MUSIC HD is in a standard televisional format.




Vozrozhdenie - the scientifically-elucidative programs prevail in ether of the TV channel mainly, the research and information, publicism, entertaining and musical programs, teletrade and other, are also planned.


 news one 100


Datapath of social orientation. Broadcasting of events in all regions of country in the mode of non stop by means of the direct including directly from the places of events.


 АТР лого1


ATR - Greater part of ether of the TV channel is occupied by the programs of own production : research and information, entertaining, cognitive, musical and child. Pride of the TV channel is the authorial programs about history, music and culture of Crimean Tatars.



- counted on a wide viewship. Oriented on a thinking intellectual spectator, we offer to viewing in a twenty-four-hour format the best films, cognitive programs, record films, Orthodox cinema, animated cartoons, and also entertaining and child's programs.


is the Ukrainian informatively-musical TV channel working in a format Radio Vision.

 pryamiy 100   

Priamiy - it's private channel of Ukraine which consecrate on social and political problems. 


Ditynets - it's urban ukrainian channel which is 18-hours online. It's intersting content makes settled audiance in Chernigiv and high rating. Every hour it has operative and fresh news about local events, weather, bisness information, interesting aducative and entertaining progrsammes.


Ukrainian womanish TV channel of entertaiming, cognitive and informative television. «Milady Television» is created in accordance with the best traditions of such world TV channels, as «Cosmopolitan TV», «Lifetime» and «Diva Universal». «Milady Television» is beauty, fashion, make-up, secrets of men of mark, interesting news, trips and fashion-surveys.

 EkoTV    First All-Ukrainian Ecological channel "Eco TV" - Projects a unique information-analytical, informative and entertaining TV. The channel - more than 30 programs of its own production, as well as the best documentaries in the world.
 24tv100    News Channel "24" - the first non-stop Ukrainian news channel, one of the few in the Ukrainian media space, which can afford itself to tell the truth and give only verified information - only facts.
 espreso-tv100   Channel created as information-culturological. Basis of Espresso TV airtime - economic, social, cultural, political and sports news in Ukraine, important world news, online broadcasts..
 Logo ENGCLUBTV   English Club TV programmes develop audio perception, reading and speaking skills and help views overcome language barriers. By watching our programmes, viewers engage their memory, which improves retention and helps them learn the material better. With English  Club TV, learning English becomes a pleasant and interesting experience.
 Persh D 100   First Business Channel is a Ukrainian News Channel that targets those who often have to make decisions such as managers, businessmen, economists and politicians, public figures. The Channel offers expert financial market forecasting in business news and other  analytical programs. Here top Ukrainian and foreign journalists discuss financial matters with chief business and economics commentators.
 ZIK 100   ZIK is the journalistic’s investigations TV Channel. ZIK is the colorful Ukrainian regional channel with its own unique TV content.
 Logo malyatko 100   The first Ukrainian TV channel for kids.


Pravo TV 100


  Pravo TV is the first and only in Ukraine legal channel. The task of the channel is to become a navigator in the legislative system, a conduit between the power of law and ordinary citizens.

Chernomorsk 100


  ChernomorskayaTRK - TV channel is actually the main source of information about what is happening in the occupied Crimea for all residents of Ukraine.