A very important role for any hotel or in HORECA segment plays the reputation and level of service. One of the most important aspects affecting the image of such establishment is the legality of public TV display and associated service (VOD, etc.).

For any of HORECA segment it is vitally important to ensure the maximum comfort for its guests and visitors. The key of commercial success of such an establishment is the right choice of the official supplier of TV content and services.

LLC "IP Media Group" offers a package of TV channels for public viewing. Within our proposal it is possible to arrange the legal relations in the form of contracts for new partner-companies as well as for legal subscribers, who already offer TV viewing service for its guests.

Special interest and popularity within the guests of such establishments has the opportunity to watch sports events, especially some big events, such as: the World Cup and the European Football Championship, UEFA Champions League and Europe League broadcasting, car racing "Formula 1", etc.

LLC "IP Media Group" guarantees the validity of rights on all TV channels and offers copyrighted TV product.

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