Technical Support


1. Addresses for service providing:
1.1. Kiev, 9 Leontovicha St., block 3, tight area "VEGA" (2nd floor, " colocation of providers ");
1.1.2. Rack 2-2, Unit 11. (CISCO 3750-X-24-TE);
1.2. Kiev, 50 Haidara St., tight area (telehouse) NewTelco;
1.2.1. Cabinet/Locker SW1;
1.2. Kiev, 50 Haidara St., tight area (telehouse) NewTelco; 
1.2.2. Cabinet/Locker SW2;
1.3. Odessa,. 27/29 Tiraspolskaia St., tight area OD-IX (1st floor);
1.3.1. Rack 2 (CISCO 3750-X-24-TE);  
1.4. Khmelnitskii, 36 Teatralnaia St., tight area, LLC "ITT"; 
1.4.1. CISCO 3750-G-24 
1.5. The receipt of service is also possible in points an exchange the traffic of DTEL - IX,
UA - IX and GIGANET.UA within the framework of private piring.

2. Ports for "interconnects" building (commutations):
2.1. Standard: 1GbpsEthernet (copper);
2.2. On request: 1GbpsEthernet (opticalfiber)

3. Addressing within the "interconnect"
3.2. Multicast group of media-streams are generated from the block;
3.3. The addresses of media-streams origins are assigned from IP-address pool

4. Broadcasting format
4.1. Channels’ broadcasting are made according to SPTS standard (singleprogramtransportstream);
4.2. Signaling protocol - IGMPv2 (support IGMPv3 agreed in private);
4.3. The transport layer protocol - UDP (logical port 1234);
4.4. The format of media-content compression - MPEG-2.

5. Limitations within the "interconnect"
5.1. On Ethernet-connection-port of client / partner, no more than 5-MAC address are allowed;
5.2. Interaction with IPMG equipment is allowed only through ARP and IGMP protocols;
5.4. IGMP-requests from clients / partners are allowed only for groups from block;
5.5. The overall level of official and outside traffic entering the port of IPMG equipment from the client / partner must not exceed 1Kpps (one thousand packets per second). In case of exceeding this level, the interface of providing service to the client will be automatically disabled for 5 minutes.

6. Regulation of alterations
6.1. In the case of making changes in the structure of conformity of the channel broadcasting in multicast group, IPMG undertakes to give a notice within 30 working days;
6.2. IPMG reserves the right to change the origin addresses (within the block specified in paragraph 3.3. of broadcasting media-content without giving prior notice to the customer. Simple service associated with such a kind of change is regulated by the general procedure.

ALL-DAY Technical Support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical support: +380 67 244 6 444, +380 50 356 59 28

Voice Technical support: working days - 07:30 - 22:00, weekends and holidays - 09:00 - 20:00