Universal Distribution

In package of Universal Distribution company are available the following channels:


Most popular erotic TV channel. Most beautiful women and very tall standards of production

BBC WN 100  

BBC World News is a 24 hour news channel broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation and features the latest news from around the world.

FashionOneHD100   Fashion One HD - is an international TV company, which creates programs about lifestyle, traveling, entertainments, film and fashion in HD format.
FRANCE24100   International news channel. Every half an hour - updated news summery. In the broadcasting schedule - debates, interviews, analytical programs involving famous politicians and public figures, businessmen, famous people from the world of literature, fashion.
Gullil100   Gulli - children's TV channel, addressed to pupils and their parents. In program - documentaries, serials, cartoons, TV magazines, interactive games, shows for the whole family. Values of Gulli - training with pleasure, dreams, responsibility.
Mezzo100   French musical project Mezzo, created specifically for music fans and people keen on great music. If you like listening classic, jazz, interested in the history of music and consider yourself a connoisseur of beauty, this channel is for you!
MezzoLiveHD100   Music channel for fans of classic and jazz in HD format with stereo sound. In  program - the world's best orchestras concerts, instrumentalists and singers, famous conductors, legendary jazzmen and opera, ballet performances, both in recording and live.
amc1   AMC – it's american cable television channel which is specialized on classical films and soap operas and also shows limited numbers of original shows. One of the most famous and successful channel’s projects are Mad Man, Breaking Bag and The Walking Dead soap operas.
MGMNetworksHD100   TV channel in HD format, broadcasting foreign feature and animation films of various genres: comedy, romance, thrillers, science fiction, westerns, filmed at the legendary Hollywood film studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
TijiTV100   Children's TV channel, addressed to preschoolers. ‘Tiji’ – word from the lexicon of French kids, denoting the joyful moments of life. In program - animated serials, educational programs, puppet shows, music videos.
MCM 100   MCM TOP - musical channel for those who are 15 - 25 years old, who leads an active lifestyle, is open to everything new. About a third of all programs is devoted to modern French music and this is the key interest in MCM for those who want to extend the range of his/her interests.
Bollywood-HD 100  


The net of broadcasting of the TV channel Bollywood HD is filled with the разножанровыми films, taken off in Bollywood and oriented not only to the housewifes but also on a masculine, and also youth audience. In the program there will be both Indian classic and modern high-budgetary cinema in the format of high clearness.